4 Fun Ways To Teach Your Kid To Brush Their Teeth

4 Fun Ways To Teach Your Kid To Brush Their Teeth

Getting your child to brush their teeth can be a challenging habit to build. If you are a busy parent, you probably understand how difficult it can be to teach your child to brush their teeth so they can avoid cavities and other dental problems down the road. Fortunately, there are many ways to make this routine fun for your child, so they can have pearly whites next time they visit the dentist.

Below, we have gathered 4 fun ways you can teach your child to brush their teeth and enjoy it!

Teach Your Child Early

It is important to teach your child at a young age how to brush their teeth properly. This will help your child understand the importance of brushing their teeth and get them comfortable with the concept of brushing their teeth on a regular basis.

During infancy, you can gently wipe down your child’s gums with a soft, damp cloth. Once their teeth come in, which is usually around 6 months of age, you can switch to a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Make It a Game

Kids love games, right? A creative way to encourage your child to brush their teeth is by making a game out of it. This will give your child something to look forward to every morning and evening, as it will be a part of their daily routine. Dentists recommend brushing teeth twice a day, for two minutes at a time. Try one of these games with your child to help them meet the two-minute mark:

  • Play music. Try playing your child’s favorite song, letting them dance along to the beat while brushing their teeth.
  • Brush during a commercial break. If you allow your child to watch TV before bedtime, have them brush their teeth during a commercial break. This will give them around two minutes to brush their teeth and bonus — they won’t miss out on their movie or show!
  • Copycat. Brush your teeth with your child and play the “copycat” game. Do a movement with your toothbrush and your child has to mimic you. You can even make it fun by making a funny face or showing your teeth with all the foamy toothpaste on it.

Let Them Pick Out Their Toothbrush

Fortunately, there are many brands of toothbrushes and toothpaste out there that have products geared specifically toward children. From Disney characters to their favorite animal, there is something for everyone! Take your child to the store with you and let them choose which toothbrush they want to use, this will make it a fun experience for them.

There are also so many different toothpaste flavors available, such as bubblegum and berry-flavored. It might be a good idea to let your child choose two different kinds of toothpastes so they can alternate between them once they start getting bored with one.

Reward Your Child

It is important to reward your child for their commitment to brushing their teeth daily. You can purchase or print out a calendar for the month and buy a set of stickers your child loves, such as dinosaurs, stars or their favorite Disney princess.

Now, every night or morning after they have finished brushing their teeth, you can reward their effort with a sticker on the calendar. If your child fills up a full month of the calendar with stickers for brushing their teeth, you can reward them with a new toy or a treat.

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