5 Foods That Are Bad For Your Teeth

5 Foods That Are Bad For Your Teeth

It’s probably no surprise that candy is a major culprit among foods that can cause your teeth to rot, especially when you slack on your oral health. But did you know that there are other foods and drinks out there that can cause plaque buildup, stains and tooth decay?


You’ve probably heard multiple times already that candy is bad for your teeth, and that’s because it is. Whenever you eat or drink something sugary, the healthy bacteria interacts with the sugar to break it down. During this process, acid is produced, which is responsible for tooth decay, as it slowly dissolves the enamel and creates holes in the teeth.

Sour and chewy candy are the worst types to consume. Sour candy can be very acidic, which can weaken and damage the enamel more easily. Gummy, or chewy candies, are also bad for your teeth as they stick to them, preventing the saliva from coming in contact with that area.


Starchy, refined carbohydrates, such as chips, bread, and pasta, can be harmful to the teeth. Starches are simple carbohydrates that can linger in your mouth and break down into simple sugars. Similar to candy, bacteria feed on sugar and produce an acid that is responsible for tooth decay.

Carbonated Drinks

There are several sparkling water brands out there that are becoming popular. Instead of reaching for a sugary soda in the fridge, many people opt for sparkling water to get that satisfying fizz. Unfortunately, sparkling water isn’t as great as you think.

It’s important to be mindful of what sparkling water you are drinking. For example, citrus-flavored sparkling waters are often higher in acid levels, which increases the risk of damage to your enamel.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits, such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes, are packed with vitamin C, which is crucial to overall health. However, their acid content can erode enamel, making your teeth more vulnerable to tooth decay. It is important to limit how much citrus fruits you consume, avoid putting these highly acidic fruits against your teeth and use a straw when drinking fruit juices.


Beer, wine, and mixed drinks have high sugar content and can be very acidic, depending on the beverage. Beer is both acidic and carbonated, which are bad for your enamel.

Wine contains tannins, which are the substances that provide the texture and mouthfeel to wine. They are what create the drying sensation in your mouth when you drink red wine. Unfortunately, the tannins in the wine can cause teeth stains, as they cling to any plaque you have built up on your teeth.

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