Tips And Tricks To Help Brush Your Toddler’s Teeth

Tips and Tricks to Help Brush Your Toddler’s Teeth

One of the most important things you can do is teach your toddler how to brush their teeth properly. Brushing a toddler’s teeth can be difficult, but by utilizing these tips and tricks, we will make brushing those tiny choppers as easy as possible.

How to Make Brushing Fun

Most toddlers do not enjoy having their teeth brushed. We all know that brushing is essential, but it can be quite a chore for both you and your toddler if they do not enjoy the process of having their teeth cleaned. Making brushing a fun routine can make it more enjoyable for both of you.

Have Them Pick Out a Toothbrush

One way to make brushing fun for your child is by using a toothbrush that has their favorite cartoon character or superhero on it. This makes your toddler feel like they are partaking in something special, making the entire process much easier for all involved parties. For young children, brushes should have a head length of 15mm to 19mm.

Sing your Toddlers Favorite Tunes

Another great way to make brushing your toddler’s teeth fun is by singing a song while you brush. Singing a fun and upbeat tune is not only entertaining, but it will also ensure that your toddler does their best to keep in time with the song if they do not already know all of the words by heart.

Incorporate Toys

Bringing toys into the mix can also help make the experience more enjoyable for your toddler. We all know how much toddlers love toys, so allowing them to play with their favorite toy while you brush will let them feel like they are still in control of what is happening but at the same time ensures that both you and your child get an equal amount of attention during this crucial part of their day.

Picking Out the Right Flavor

When it comes to picking out the right flavor of toothpaste for your toddler, it is crucial that you pick something they enjoy. Some children may not mind minty flavors, while others do not like anything with a strong taste, so make sure you consider what flavor of toothpaste will entice your child when choosing their next tube.

Lastly, it is important to remember that patience is key when making brushing fun for your toddler.

Steps for Brushing Your Child’s Teeth

As soon as your toddler’s teeth begin to erupt, it is important that you start to learn how to brush them properly. This routine will ensure that your child has healthy teeth and gums.

1) Start by washing their hands with soap and water to ensure that germs are not introduced into the process.

2) Make sure your toddler’s teeth, gums, and tongue are free of food particles or debris before you start brushing them. You can do this by wiping their mouth out thoroughly with a wet cloth. A toothbrush explicitly designed for toddlers can be used to help remove any excess food particles that remain.

3) When it is time to begin brushing your toddler’s teeth, make sure they are sitting up straight. This will ensure that their mouth stays open wide and allows the toothpaste you use to reach all areas of their teeth, tongue, and gums. You may even want to place a pillow behind their back to ensure that they do not slouch forward while you brush.

4) Next, apply toothpaste onto the bristles of your toddler’s toothbrush and let them know it is time for brushing. If you have successfully made brushing fun up until this point, then chances are your child will be excited, which will make the overall process much easier for you.

Brushing your toddler’s teeth is something you should do at least twice a day and after meals when possible. This will help remove plaque and bacteria from their mouth on a regular basis, which helps keep their gums strong and healthy to prevent tooth decay. While baby teeth aren’t permanent, they can give a healthy start to your child’s adult teeth which is why it is important to make brushing fun for your toddler every day.

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